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  (AM) Zoom/Cart Training/DL Teacher Station-BJ ESU 13 Scottsbluff Peters, BJ
  02.15.2016 PM Session #8: Success for Every Student:ESU 13 Scottsbluff Keszler, Michelle
  Aligning Structural and Instructional Practices to Promote EnglESU 13 Scottsbluff Myles, Lisa
  Danielson Implementation Banner CoESU 13 Scottsbluff Myles, Lisa
  Danielson OverviewESU 13 Scottsbluff Downing, Julie
  ELA Unit Internalization-AllianceESU 13 Scottsbluff Kasten, Kristin
  Framework for Understanding Poverty ESU 13 Scottsbluff Keszler, Michelle
  HQIM Selection Series: Evaluation & Selection DayESU 13 Scottsbluff Kasten, Kristin
  HSPS Strategic Planning for AssessmentESU 13 Scottsbluff Downing, Julie
  Hay Springs CIP InserviceESU 13 Scottsbluff Downing, Julie
  Instruction Partners Planning-HemingfordESU 13 Scottsbluff Kasten, Kristin
  Instructional Coaches CadreESU 13 Scottsbluff Kasten, Kristin
  Juvenile Services Committee JSCESU 13 Scottsbluff Ayala, Perla
  NWEA Skills Training ChadronESU 13 Scottsbluff Downing, Julie
  Supporting Innovative Assessment Practices (ESL Mooc) WebinarESU 13 Scottsbluff Keszler, Michelle
  Transitioning from Class to Class and Year to Year ESU 13 Scottsbluff Bauer, Ashley
 (Blue) Behavior Management StrategiesESU 13 Scottsbluff Trauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBSESU 13 Scottsbluff Trauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Google For BeginnersESU 13 Scottsbluff Trauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) MTSS And YouESU 13 Scottsbluff Trauernicht, Amy