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  (AM) Zoom/Cart Training/DL Teacher Station-BJ EnglishPeters, BJ
  02.15.2016 PM Session #8: Success for Every Student:EnglishKeszler, Michelle
  Aligning Structural and Instructional Practices to Promote EnglEnglishMyles, Lisa
  Crisis Prevention Training (CPI)EnglishTrautman, Jill
  Danielson Implementation Banner CoEnglishMyles, Lisa
  Danielson OverviewEnglishDowning, Julie
  ELA Unit Internalization-AllianceEnglishKasten, Kristin
  Framework for Understanding Poverty EnglishKeszler, Michelle
  Hay Springs CIP InserviceEnglishDowning, Julie
  HQIM Selection Series: Evaluation & Selection DayEnglishKasten, Kristin
  HSPS Strategic Planning for AssessmentEnglishDowning, Julie
  Instruction Partners Planning-HemingfordEnglishKasten, Kristin
  Instructional Coaches CadreEnglishKasten, Kristin
  Juvenile Services Committee JSCEnglishAyala, Perla
  Nebraska Digital Citizenship SymposiumEnglishBiesecker, Lori
  NWEA Skills Training ChadronEnglishDowning, Julie
  Supporting Innovative Assessment Practices (ESL Mooc) WebinarEnglishKeszler, Michelle
  Transitioning from Class to Class and Year to Year EnglishBauer, Ashley
 (Blue) Behavior Management StrategiesEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBSEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Google For BeginnersEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Mindfulness/Self-CareEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Moral Authority / How Discomfort Makes You GrowEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) MTSS And YouEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue) Team BuildingEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue)Addressing Challenging BehaviorsEnglishWest, Jeff
 (Blue)Social Emotional Learning for AdultsEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue)Team BuildingEnglishWest, Jeff
 (Blue)This Is How We Do It EnglishBeam, Jadie
 (Blue)Top 10 Strategies to Support Better Student BehaviorEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Blue)What is Google?EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Green) Child Abuse Recognition, Reporting, and InvestigatingEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Green) Session for Zoom ParticipantsEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (PM) Zoom/Cart Training/DL Teacher Station-BJEnglishAyala, Perla
 (Red) Advanced Google (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red) Behavior Management Strategies (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red) Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red) Mentoring CommitteeEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red) Safety CommitteeEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red) Technology CommitteeEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Red)Keeping You and Your Computer SafeEnglishSmith, Paul
 (Red)Managing the ESU13 WebsiteEnglishPeters, BJ
 (Red)Self-Care/Stress Reduction/Compassion Fatigue (Repeat)EnglishSmith, Paul
 (Red)Team Building (Repeat)EnglishWest, Jeff
 (Red)This Is How We Do It (Repeat)EnglishBeam, Jadie
 (Yellow) Advanced GoogleEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBSEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) Google For Beginners (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) Mindfulness and Self-Care (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) MTSS and You (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) Self CareEnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow) Team Building (REPEAT)EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow)Advanced GoogleEnglishBroderick, Jessica
 (Yellow)Find the Courage to Serve OthersEnglishJohnson, Nici
 (Yellow)Self-Care/Stress Reduction/Compassion FatigueEnglishSmith, Paul
 (Yellow)Supporting Social Emotional and Behavioral Learning EnglishTrauernicht, Amy
 (Yellow)Team Building(Repeat)EnglishWest, Jeff
 (Yellow)The Brain Architecture GameEnglishMiller, Renee
 “Concussion overview, accommodations, 504 plans, and Return to LEnglishVan Amburg, Ross
 “Watch/Collaboration Event” Law ConferenceEnglishBrezenski, Pamela
 02.15.2016 AM Session # 24: Data-based Decision-Making in Early EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #15: Growing a Whole Child SystemsEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #16: It’s All About Reading forEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #18: I Can’t Get in Trouble with One EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #20: Pathways to a Technical FutureEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #22: I am a Super ParaEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #28: What to Do if They Don’t?EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #32: The Digital PIRATE-Tech Like a PirateEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #34: Discover Your GrooveEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #36: Tips and TricksEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #40: Health Sciences:EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #42: Copy. Right? Using Resources EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #44: Introduction to the Danielson EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #46: Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #48: Whole Brain Teaching for ChallengingEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #50: Google Activities for Students (K-12)EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #C52: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #C54: Copy. Right? Using Resources EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #C56: Googlify Your Classroom 6-12EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 AM Session #C58: What is BlendED/Blended Learning?EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session # 25: Mathematics Interventions:EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #12: Practical Social EmotionalEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #17: Repeat It’s All About ReadingEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #19: More Than BasketballEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #21: The STEM Connections Lab Location:EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #23: Every Child, Every DayEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #27: Repeat Return to Learn and Return EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #29: Repeat What to Do if They Don'tEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #31: Whole Brain TeachingEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #33: Educational Technology-The Right WayEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #35: Get F.I.T.with DanceEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #37: Strategies to Enhance LiteracyEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #38: Spotlight on Entrepreneurship-EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #39: Skilled and Technical Sciences UpdateEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #41: Repeat Health Sciences:EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #43: Meeting ELL Language ObjectivesEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #45: Danielson Framework 3C: Engaging EnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #47: Whole Brain Teaching for ChallengingEnglishContact, SOAR
 02.15.2016 PM Session #49: Whole Brain Teaching for ChallengingEnglishContact, SOAR