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WorkshopMTSS Day 4
DepartmentESU 13
Default ContactGeorge Toman
Default LocationESU 13 SCB Conf Rm B/C
DescriptionPurpose: To introduce educators on the primary facets of MTSS and create action plans to improve MTSS processes within buildings/districts.
Intended Audience: Educators interested in improving their MTSS processes.  Administrator, general education/special education teachers, and specialists (e.g., school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, etc.) are recommended members of the team.  (Note: It is strongly advised that an administrator be present with any representing school/district at this training.)

Day 4 of NeMTSS training includes the following topics:
Celebrate improvements throughout process/year
Data Analysis
NeMTSS Self-Assessment
Identification of Priorities and Commitment
Communicate information with stakeholders